The ‘Orange Foundation’ (Oranje Fonds) is a dutch organisation that reinforces the social side of society. For the annual report of 2016, so called ‘Meedoen op Maat’, they wanted a flatdesign/2d animation informing about the orange foundation and explaining viewers what they do and what their background behind the foundation is. The design is made in a minimalistic and easy rigging way to create simple movements. The flow in the animation is playfull with side movements, zoom ins and outs and colorfull animations wipes. It started with designing the characters, as most important it contained our king and queen of the Netherlands, and after that the more architectual side. What the Orange Foundation wants to achieve in social side of our society has been put in this animation. Helping eachother through many ways and have a happy place to live everywhere in the Netherlands.


Commisioned by – Drescode Agency

Script – SyrinX PR & Communication

Art Direction – Marco Keijzer

Artwork & Design – Thierry Branderhorst

Animation – Thierry Branderhorst