Behind the Scenes – Luminance


30 October 2013

We locked ourselves in the montage studio for editing. Allthough we promised to release the video today we delayed it for one more day. So stay tuned.

25 October 2013

D-DAY!!! Today we showed our project for audience! Last night all the rendering was done! Music sequence took 8 hours!! Intro and title took 2 hours. This morning we made the final sequence with all the renders and layed down the audio tracks on it. We were stunned to see the whole sequence for the very first time! It has been an amazing process and all the hard work was visible in the projection. One at the time we showed people the project with the audio through headphones that was giving an isolation with only you, the projection and the audio. 
I guess you are extremely curious what the final product is? Well I have good news (and bad) because we filmed the projection and the audience BUT we will be editing the video next week, and it is scheduled for next wednesday. Be patient!
I do want to leave you with a few photo’s!
screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4


24 October 2013

RENDER DAY! Made the last adjustments on the animations. Music sequence has been fully animated and it is now time for rendering. We made a title animation for our project and the project is called…


Last night we did a sound design for the intro part. Now the intro is ready for rendering too. So lots of rendering today! Tomorrow is going to be a viewing day for audience. Setup for the viewing is made for only one person at the time with headphones for audio. The audio is much stronger with headphones instead and we adjusted the audio for headphones with lots of reverb for example to create that more spacious sound because we are standing in a basement that contains lots of reverb when sound is produced. We will be filming the viewing and the project and the edit will be done next week so you guys can see the experience. 
Tomorrow morning will be the finishing touch on the main sequence and putting it all together!

23 October 2013

Today we made more progress in animation and sound design. So we came up with a short ‘Dubstep’ sound/beat that is going to be leading the projection visuals. Today we finished the track, mastered the track and cut it in pieces for the animation. For simple calculation the bpm, from the track, is 120 bpm so that there are 2 beats per second. The animation is a lot easier for keyframing if the bpm is 120. We are not going to show any progress yet, that is going to be a suprise for the weekend!
Here are some pictures of our workspace in the basement:
IMG_0944 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0950

22 October 2013

So we worked on this project again today. Trying to work with lights and shadows. We thought about how we are going to manage the sequence we are going to show on Friday. So we came up with a intro and now it is time to work on the final part. There is playfull light and shadow and with a bit sound design there is going to be a small beat in the sequence and the projection will response to it.
More renders & tests

20 October 2013 

Working on 3D Projection Mapping! We took a projector and set it up pointing it to the ceiling. Combination of Cinema4d and After Effects. Now in beta fase and looking for solutions to do a final version.
First tests

15 October 2013

Projection mapping is known for a couple of years now. You’ve seen it on buildings outside with collapsing walls and big visuals. Allright, so that’s clear on how it’s done and it still looks good!
Here a small test on projection mapping
But we want to go further with the technique. How is 3D working on projection mapping. Let’s find out!



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